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University of Ruhuna
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Welcome to the University of Ruhuna.

Thank you for visiting the Web Site of the University of Ruhuna, located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The Ruhuna University, one of the leading Universities in Sri Lanka is committed to quality education, research excellence, and strategic partnership with industry and community development.

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Course of Studies

The University of Ruhuna consists with eight faculties in the vicinity of the Southern economic hub of Sri Lanka over thirty degree programs

Arts Stream

  • BA (General) degree
  • BA (Special) degree in Economics
  • BA (Special) degree in Political Science
  • BA (Special) degree in Social Statistics
  • BA (Special) degree in Geograpgy
  • BA (Special) degree in Sociology
  • BA (Special) degree in History
  • BA (Special) degree in Archaeology
  • BA (Special) degree in Pali Language
  • BA (Special) degree in Buddhist Culture
  • BA (Special) degree in Buddhist Philosophy

Well-Qualified Staff

Commerce Stream

  • BBA (Special) degree in Accounting
  • BBA (Special) degree in Enterpreneurship
  • BBA (Special) degree in Human Resource Management
  • BBA (Special) degree in Marketing

State-of-the-Art Laboratory

Science Stream    


  • Bachelor of Medicine degree
  • Bachelor of Surgery degree
  • B Sc. degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • B Sc. degree in Nursing

A place of Aesthetic Value


  • B Sc. (Eng) (Special) degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • B Sc. (Eng) (Special) degree in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering
  • B Sc. (Eng) (Special) degree in Electricla and Information Engineerin


  • B Sc. (Special) degree in Agriculture Resource Management Technology
  • B Sc. (Special) degree in Green Technology
  • B Sc. (Special) degree in Agribusiness Managementmoremore

A Real University Experience

Fisheries and Marine Sciences Technology

  • B Sc. in Fisheries and Marine Sciences (Special) degree in Aquaculture
  • B Sc. in Fisheries and Marine Sciences (Special) degree in Fisheries
  • B Sc. in Fisheries and Marine Sciences (Special) degree in Limnology
  • B Sc. in Fisheries and Marine Sciences (Special) degree in Oceanographymoremore


  • B Sc. (General) degree
  • B Sc. (Special) degree in Botany
  • B Sc. (Special) degree in Chemistry
  • B Sc. (Special) degree in Mathematice
  • B Sc. (Special) degree in Physics
  • B Sc. (Special) degree in Zoology
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (General) degree moremore


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