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University of Ruhuna
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Welcome to the University of Ruhuna.

Thank you for visiting the Web Site of the University of Ruhuna, located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The Ruhuna University, one of the leading Universities in Sri Lanka is committed to quality education, research excellence, and strategic partnership with industry and community development.

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Computer Centers


With the aim of enhancing the information technology skills of the undergraduates and the staff, Computer Centers have been established in every faculty as we as in the main Library.
The Computer Centers are currently well equipped with physical resources to provide quality ICT services for the university community.
All the available computers in the Computer Centre are networked and provided with Internet facilities while each laboratory, air-conditioned and comfortably furnished, is equipped with a latest it related equipments.

Utilizations of the Computer Centre

  • Research and other academic activities of the students.
  • Conducting IT Training Course for Students and Staff members
  • Provid services and courses in Information Technology to the community outside the university to fulfill the needs of the government and the private sector as the main hub of Information Technology in the southern region of Sri Lanka.
  • Research and online studies of the postgraduate activities.(several staff members are following online Master Degrees)
  • Research, Information collecting through Internet and other activities of the academic staff of the Faculty.
  • Day to day academic activities of the undergraduate students. (Research, information collecting, continuous assessments works, other computer application activities.)
  • In addition to that the Computer centers offer many Computer and Information Technology related services such as maintaining and upgrading Fiber Optic Backbone, providing Email, Web and other Internet services, Computer Maintenance, designing and handling the departmental Local Area Networks (LAN)

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