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University of Ruhuna
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Welcome to the University of Ruhuna.

Thank you for visiting the Web Site of the University of Ruhuna, located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The Ruhuna University, one of the leading Universities in Sri Lanka is committed to quality education, research excellence, and strategic partnership with industry and community development.

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University Sports

In order to facilitate and encourage sports within the University, many facilities had been available. The University is equipped with a large Gymnasium which is the third best in Sri Lanka with seating capacity for 3000 spectators. Training facilities for many indoor sports activities are available here for students after 12.00 p.m. every week days.The University Playground was commissioned in 1998 and out door sports facilities are provided there.

Sports & Games Offered

  • Athletics (Men & Women) 
  • Volleyball (Men & Women) 
  • Badminton (Men & Women) 
  • Table Tennis (Men & Women) 
  • Elle (Men & Women) 
  • Hockey (Men & Women) 
  • Chess (Men & Women)
  • Basketball (Men & Women) 
  • Swimming (Men & Women)
  • Rugger (Men) 
  • Football (Men) 
  • Cricket (Men) 
  • Wrestling (Men) 
  • Weight Lifting (Men) 
  • Road Race (Men) 
  • Netball 
  • Taekwondo (Men/women) 
  • Carrom (Men/women) 
  • Base ball (Men) 
  • Karate (Men) 
  • Tennis (Men)

University Gymnasium
Inside the University Gymnasium

The University provides several facilities for those who participate in sports events. Sports goods are freely available to students who participate in tournaments and for practice sessions. A subsistance of Rs. 150.00 is paid per day when a student participates in an event held outside the University. For team events, the required clothing is provided for students at half-price. For practice sessions of Inter University Games, the University provides an allowance of Rs.20.00 per day per student to have a nurishment.

There are annual sports events such as Inter-Faculty and Inter-University tournaments. In addition to these, a two weeks long University Sports Festival is held at a selected University once in every 3 years. Students are also encouraged to participate in the World University Sports Festival which is held once in every two years.Tthe Department also organizes many sports events in collaboration with sports bodies in the country. At the end of each year, a Colors Award Ceremony is held and those who excel in different sports activities at tournaments and meets are awarded colours.

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University Gymnasium
The University Playground


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