China-Sri Lanka Joint Center for Research and Education [ CSL-CER ]

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Message from Vice Chancellor Senior Prof Sujeewa Amarasena

Message from the VC As the Vice-Chancellor of University of Ruhuna, it gives me immense pleasure to write this message to the featured web page of the China-Sri Lanka Joint Center for Education and Research (CSL-CER). The vision of the University of Ruhuna is to be the prime intellectual thrust of the nation. In line with that, various initiatives have been undertaken to broaden and strengthen the research and educational performances of University of Ruhuna. Within that context, international collaboration and mobility is one of the topmost priorities of the university and these international partnerships essentially contribute to the academic and scientific progress of the university. More

Vision of CSL-CER

  • To be the Center of Excellence in Marine Science Education and Research in the Indian Ocean.
  • To establish and sustain a dynamic and ambitious research and training programme on Water Environment Protection and Water Supply Safety.
  • To be an attractive partner for research collaborations on Marine Ecosystem and Marine Biodiversity.
  • To attract outstanding students and young academics for outstanding research.