Vice Chancellor's Message

    Senior Prof Sujeewa Amarasena

    Senior Prof Sujeewa Amarasena
    Vice Chancellor- University of Ruhuna

    University of Ruhuna is one of the leading Universities in Sri Lanka with a vision of being the prime intellectual thrust of the nation. It is committed to provide the advanced knowledge and skills through teaching, research and services to serve the society and the mankind.

                  University of Ruhuna celebrated its 40th Anniversary recently. It has made tremendous progress during the last 40 years of its pursuit for excellence in higher education. It has produced over 100000 graduates so far who serve their motherland with pride. They are also serving different parts of the world as good ambassadors from Sri Lanka. UOR has also become the top research University in Sri Lanka with the highest number of citations in the Science Citation Index for the last 5 years according to the National Science Foundation data. We have also developed a large number of international links with many reputed universities /educational institutes in the world. This has enhanced our research capacity and facilitated the postgraduate education of academic staff.

                  The infrastructure development has been massive during the last decade. It has created an excellent teaching and learning environment. The Rabindranath Tagore performance center is the second largest hall in the country for the development of visual and performing arts area of the undergraduates. No other University in the country has anything similar to it.

                  UOR has embarked on activities to improve the quality of educational programmes and get evaluated by external accreditation agencies in a peer review process. Faculty of management received the highest grades for its degree courses in 2018.

                  I have become the seventh Vice Chancellor of University of Ruhuna and the first Alumnus of the University to become its Vice Chancellor. My vision for the University is to continue our pursuit for excellence while remaining in the top as the research University in Sri Lanka while maintaining the record for excellence of teaching, research, and its service to local, national and international communities.

                  Under my leadership the University will develop a new area under the theme of Academic Social Responsibility (ASR) with better interactions with communities we serve to benefit the society at large. Under this theme UOR will generate ideas which would eventually be converted to activities that benefit the civil society, and educate and train undergraduates to be more socially responsible. Ultimately our undergraduates would be admired both for their expertized knowledge, and for their aptitude to community service and social responsibility to solve burning problems of the people.

                  In conclusion, I would like to state that the University will march forward to accomplish excellence in all disciplines. We have the capacity to do so with a large number of eminent teachers, researchers, the administrators and a staff that is friendly and supportive.

    Prof. Sujeewa Amarasena
    Vice Chancellor
    University of Ruhuna

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