Facilities for the Campus Life

    Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Auditorium

    The Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Auditorium in University of Ruhuna, gifted by the Government of India to Sri Lanka as a symbol of enduring friendship and the cultural heritage between the two countries, is the largest auditorium in the Southern Province as well as in any of the Universities in Sri Lanka. Having 1500 seating capacity and equipped with the state-of-the-art theatre facilities, the Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Auditorium can host national and international aesthetic events, conventions,conferences as well as training programs.


    Career Guidance Unit

    Career for undergraduates in universities was recently recognized as matter of policy by the Government of Sri Lanka. At the University of Ruhuna, the Career Guidance Unit was set up in March 2000, to provide career guidance services to the undergraduates. Since then, the unit has implemented various programs to make the undergraduates aware of the employment opportunities available, the qualities expected by the employers, and the way of acquiring the skills and the knowledge necessary for responding to the job market needs.
    The unit wishes to build up continuous links with the private sector as well the government institutions to facilitate productive interaction between the undergraduates and such institutions.

    Computer Centers

    With the aim of enhancing the information technology skills of the undergraduates and the staff, Computer Centers have been established in every faculty as we as in the main Library.
    The Computer Centers are currently well equipped with physical resources to provide quality ICT services for the university community.
    All the available computers in the Computer Centre are networked and provided with Internet facilities while each laboratory, air-conditioned and comfortably furnished, is equipped with a latest it related equipments.

    Utilization of the Computer Center

    • Research and other academic activities of the students.
    • Conducting IT Training Course for Students and Staff members.
    • Provide services and courses in Information Technology to the community outside the university to fulfill the needs of the government and the private sector as the main hub of Information Technology in the southern region of Sri Lanka.
    • Research and online studies of the postgraduate activities.(several staff members are following online Master Degrees) Research, Information collecting through Internet and other activities of the academic staff of the Faculty.
    • Day to day academic activities of the undergraduate students. (Research, information collecting, continuous assessments works, other computer application activities.)
    • In addition to that the Computer centers offer many Computer and Information Technology related services such as maintaining and upgrading Fiber Optic Backbone, providing Email, Web and other Internet services, Computer Maintenance, designing and handling the departmental Local Area Networks (LAN)

    University Guest House

    The Guest house in the University of Ruhuna is located in the opposit side of the university and it is very close to the beach. It is administered by the General Administartion Branch in accordance with rules and regulations defined by the University.Guest house consists of one AC Hall, three AC rooms and two Non-AC rooms. Application for reservation can be made only by the members of permanent staff of Ruhuna University.

    There are three categories of resevations are available for both Hall and rooms.

    Medical Centre

    The Medical centre in the University of Ruhuna provides the best care to all students of the university.Students should be able to register at the Medical center prior to consult the university doctor and getting treatments. Registration can be done by providing the students records book or identification card to the medical center office.The medical center is open for treatment for student as well as staff from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm on weekdays. All drugs are free of charge. If a prescribed drug is not available in the clinic, the expenses will be reimbursed by the University.

    Every student must face a medical test when he/she enters to the University . The aim of this test is to determine whether the student has suitable health conditions to continue the academic career without difficulties. If a student is found to be suffering from a severe disease, he/she is directed to special clinics in the hospital for treatments .

    Medical Certificates

    If a student is unable to attend lectures and/or practical classes due to an illness he/she should inform the university medical officer within a week. If a student wishes he/she can get medical assistance from a government or a private doctor. However, the medical certificates issued by them should be approved by the university medical officer.

    Laboratory Facilities

    The basic medical laboratory tests are done in this laboratory

    Health Care

    There is permanent public Health Inspector to see the sanitary aspects and preventive health in this institution

    Illness during examination period

    If a student is unable to sit for the exam due to an illness he/she should inform the university medical officer and the examinations branch immediately. The medical certificates obtained from outside medical officers should be submitted to the examinations branch within 3 days with the approval of the university medical officer.


    The two pharmacists in this indoor pharmacy date out all the drugs prescribed by the Medical officers

    Campus Wide Network

    The campus wide network supported by SIDA connects all the academic departments and administrative buildings at the Wallamadama site of the University of Ruhuna with high speed optical fiber links . Approximately 6500 meters of fiber optic cables have been laid to setup this network.

    The following figure shows the map of the site together with the fiber optic links. The main distribution frame is located at the Library building .Each academic department and each administrative section has been provided wall outlets that are connected to the backbone. The terminal switches allow expansion in to departmental LANs.

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