12th Annual Academic Sessions of the Faculty of Medicine (FMAS-2024)

    The Annual Academic Sessions of Faculty of Medicine is an event that brings together medical undergraduates, academics, researchers and other health care professionals to present and discuss research findings, best practices and innovations in the field of medicine in Sri Lanka. The sessions are held once a year and are attended by a wide range of stakeholders, including researchers, practitioners, academic members and students.

    During the Annual Academic Sessions, participants present research papers, case studies, and share their experiences and knowledge about various aspects of health such as clinical medicine, public health, basic sciences and applied sciences. The event provides an opportunity for participants to network with colleagues, share ideas, learn from each other and contribute to the advancement of health system of the country.

    The Annual Academic Sessions also feature an oration, keynote speech and symposium with expert panels on emerging issues and challenges in health, which provide thought-provoking insights into the current state of health system in Sri Lanka. Further FMAS offers medical undergraduates to enhance the knowledge and enthusiasm thus promoting research career as young researchers.

    You are cordially invited to be a part of FMAS 2024 and obtain the excellent opportunity to disseminate the research findings among an intellectual community.

     FMAS Flyer 2024


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